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15th November 2011

Five Ways To Take Care Of Hair Right After Swimming

Caring for chlorine and sea water destroyed hair requires extra care as well as effort. To start off make use of a organic hair treatment, wash hair right away, use a conditioner, pat hair dry, and utilize a leave-in conditioner. Although swimming is a...

11th May 2011

Wash Long Hair Styles - The Proper Way

Once you have chosen the preferred product that you want the next measure is the use, frequency and application. The use of shampoos with long hair ought to be once every three days as over frequent washing can remove the hair of necessary oils. In the is...

18th October 2010

Natural Remedies for Dry, Oily and Normal Hair

Hair forms an important part of our body. Hair tends to be barometer of our health since they are made of up keratin, a type of protein. There are three types of hair- dry hair, oily hair and normal hair. Explore the article that guides you on herbal hair...

27th August 2010

Right Way To Wash Your Hair

Most of us have this down Pat, but by all that we know we could be wrong. Overall, wash us our hair all our lives. How bad could with something like our hair washing? However, we wash our bad hair and contribute to its damage without really knowing. Wha...

04th December 2009

Are the alternatives to professional hair care worth your time?

When it comes to caring for your hair there is no shortfall in available options. With an affluence of possibilities ranging from high street brands to professional and designer hair care the major issue is where to turn. However, much like the days of mo...

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