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16th May 2011

Don't Buy Cell Phone Insurance Without Reading This

Let's face it - things break down. Brake lines, plumbing, computers, kitchen sinks and the occasional guitar string need to be repaired and or replaced from time to time. With anything you buy, there is a period of time that you can expect it to last. Wit...

24th February 2011

The Latest Buzz – The Talking Buzz

Feeling alone, and all you have with you is your Buzz Lightyear action figure? Well, be lonely no more! Here comes an interactive toy that provides hours and hours of fun, fun, fun. Presenting, the character behind the famous catchphrase: “To infinity ...

04th December 2009

Twilight Saga – New Moon Is NOT for TwiHaters

For those of you that know me - you know I've been anticipating the second in the series New Moon since the firsst movie hit the big screens. It doesn't surprise me that this movie hit record breaking number this weekend with the excellent marketing they'...

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