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31st May 2011

Cheap Conference Calls What to Consider When Finding Cheap Conference Calls for Your Business

If you run your own business and have a lot of clients and customers, you know how time consuming it can be getting a hold of all of them individually to tell them all the same message. One time saving solution to consider is getting a conference call se...

06th December 2010

Orange Tariffs - Manage your Expenditures in a More Orderly Fashion

An ideal way to combat your addiction to making a zillion calls and sending texts after texts is to avail a cost effective deal. Orange Tariffs are ideal since they do not restrict you from making any number of calls. They simply help you manage your expe...

18th August 2009

Tips for Surviving an IRS Audit

First and foremost, your goal in every tip listed in this article is to convince the IRS that you were entitled to your credits, deductions and exemptions. Additionally, you will need to convince the IRS that you reported all of your income. You should on...

14th June 2009

The Myth That Speciation Is Evolution

You often hear evolutionists point to speciation as evidence of evolution. This couldn't be farther from the truth. A process that transforms one species into another in an orderly fashion, regardless of whether it happens "overnight" or over a long perio...

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