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30th August 2011

Web Video Conference Solutions For Reduced Cost On Communication

Business meetings have become unavoidable these days. Even you canít expect to grow your business connectivity and productivity without regular business meetings and updates. Are you spending hundreds of dollars on making regular contacts with distant pla...

20th June 2011

CARPOOLING: Choice for Greener Society

Car Pooling is not a new concept.In fact, there has always been a type of ride sharing since the inception of public transportation. While buses, trolleys, and subways, all offer a public shared ride, their services are becoming outmoded to 21st century ...

13th September 2010

Why Urban Areas Should Build New Highways

Highways are beneficial to cities because they provide a way for large amounts traffic to move quickly without the need to stop for intersection lights. However, there are times when new roads need to be built. Some of these reasons have to do with safety...

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