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17th May 2011

Emergency Message System: An Effective Guide to Tackle Emergency

Is there anyone who does not fear of facing crisis? Whether it is natural disasters like flood, earthquake, tsunami or man made terrors like terrorist attacks and similar things the sense of thought itself will leave you petrified. And guess what will hap...

12th May 2011

Tsunami Threats

In the recent past the use of the word ‘tsunami’ has become common practice. In 2004 there was a tsunami in the Indian Ocean which was caused by an earthquake measuring 9.2 – making it the third largest earthquake ever recorded. What followed was complet...

03rd May 2011

What We Can And Must Learn From The Great Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami Of 2011.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant This week nature in all its brutal savagery punished us, hitting our brothers in Japan with an earthquake of unparalleled strength and a tsunami that was the very definition of awe. Today the world is rightly focused on the neces...

28th March 2011

Support Earthquake and Tsunami Victims in Japan

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan early Friday, March 11th, which sparked a tsunami that caused major destruction in Northern Japan. According to the latest news, death and injury pools could exceed 10,000. The moment you heard this news, did you fe...

11th June 2010

Party on the Island

I wanted to have my graduation party on the beaches of Honolulu. I invited all my friends and we flew out to Hawaii at the end of the semester. It was going to be perfect, fun on the sand, a party on the beach, just a great way to unwind after the semeste...

12th March 2010

What Do You Know about the Global Warming?

More carbon dioxide in the air makes the atmosphere change extremely. It causes a significant damage for natural environment and human life. The global warming has made glacial retreat, Artic shrinkage, and the ocean volume added. If we want to solve ...

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