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15th February 2011

1031 Exchange and Tax Advantages

A 1031 Exchange or Like Kind Exchange is defined by Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. This code specifies that if an asset (usually some form of real estate such asland or a building) is sold and the proceeds of the sale are then reinvested in...

06th December 2010

Cost Segregation - Tax Deductions (Take every legal tax deduction you can)

Tax Rule No.1: Donít cheat the IRS. But that doesnít mean you should cheat yourself. Take every legal tax deduction you can. In addition to the numerous tax deductions the Internal Revenue Service allows, research indicates that most U.S. taxpayers do ...

30th November 2009

Government Foreclosures Include Tax Homes and Other Repossessed Homes

Government foreclosures are sold by the government. There are many reasons why the government will occasionally seize a private property or a piece of commercial real estate. Sometimes, this occurs because a property owner has not paid the property taxes ...

23rd September 2009

Minneapolis is the easternmost city of the West!

Minneapolis is the easternmost city of the West! Those folks living in the Minneapolis area know they are very fortunate. This area is a unique blend of art, music, dining, and shopping. Residents enjoy beautiful lakes, preserves and bike trails. Busi...

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