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14th June 2011

Protect Your Hair from Heat Styling: What Products to Use With Hair Texturizers & Hair Straightener

The right products can help keep your hair strong and healthy, even if you use heat tools multiple times per week. Ideally, you should use heat tools as infrequently as possible. But, if you choose to use hair texturizers or hair straightener products r...

04th April 2011

Hair Straightener- Fabulous types to select from

In our days, the best hair Straighteners are produced in many different colors, sizes, shapes & they for sure come along with different prices. It's real easy to find out & get a good straightener that really works only for your beautiful hair type. He...

24th August 2010

How to use ghd straightener?

Hair Straighteners, most can be used to straighten curly hair or treat sensitive straight hair. You can change your hair style was fabulous ripples, you will need to buy another set of curling iron. But if you have a GHD beauty, you most need to purchase ...

18th May 2010

Straighten Kinky Hair & Reduce Bulk: How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Manageable This Summer

Summer heat, humidity, chlorine damage, and other factors that can take a toll on your hair's health. Bulky hair, frizz, and unruly curls aren't an attractive look any time of year, but the summer months make it especially challenging to maintain beaut...

11th March 2010

Flat Iron Makes Your Hair Beautiful

Curling irons are today available in different styles, designs and colors to choose from. They come in different brand names and with numerous innovative features that are designed to help you style your hair with utmost convenience and comfort. When ...

09th March 2010

10 Things Girls Need to Avoid During Summer

Summer is fast approaching and girls need to get ready for that summer look. While there are many who write about summer must haves, here I will write about the top 10 things that you must avoid in order to have that perfect summer look! 1. AN UNEVE...

07th January 2010

Causes of Dry Hair

Dry hair lacks the oil and moisture it needs to give it sheen and a soft texture. As a result, hair that's dry will be brittle and dull and have a straw-like texture. Most of us will get dry hair at one point or another--either due to over-processing or e...

17th December 2009

Getting Professional Teeth Whitening in Washington DC

By Jack in Beauty
If your teeth are discolored from years of coffee or tea drinking, smoking or other habits, you may be considering professional teeth whitening. Washington DC residents have plenty of qualified dentists to choose from for their teeth whitening needs, and ...

22nd August 2009

Most Sought After Styler, Make Heads Turn: Pink GHD

Even though GHD hair strengtheners are one of the best styling tools available in the market, GHD have bought out a Limited Edition Pink GHD Thermal Protector spray to protect your hair when straightening. These Pink GHD sprays have been released with the...

26th July 2009

Better hair care regimen for the better of your hair

May be whatever hair type you have or whatever styling you do with it, nothing is complete or can look if your hair isn't healthy. And for a better healthy and steady growing hair it is essential to follow some good hair care regimen and take more care ab...

17th June 2009

Hair straightener - avoid damages to your hair

Present generation fashion conscious women appreciate straight hair looks mostly and they can achieve the same with so many different types of hair straightener available on the market. The concept of straight hair is not new but old and that too was achi...

05th April 2009

How do we lose hair

To get healthy, bouncy and shiny hair you have to know at first the possible causes for which your tresses are becoming limp and lifeless. Without knowing them properly you cannot counter the cause of hair falling. Excessive use of chemical products li...

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