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17th May 2011

Why Switching to Digital TV was Necessary

Many people were surprised when all of a sudden the broadcasting networks shifted from analog to digital TV technology. A lot of consumers complained that the shift would only mean more expenses for them and having less of a chance to enjoy the benefits. ...

23rd August 2010

Limousines Are Perfect For Halloween Parties

I still remember my favorite Halloween party many years later. It was going to be held at my friend Spike's house, which was halfway across town and up on top of one of those big, scary hillsides. Spike's mom was out of town a lot, so we knew she'd be AWO...

07th April 2010

Types of Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are vital to the protection of your home, family, and property from the threat of a debilitating fire. Fire alarms detect fire (or more commonly, smoke) and set off an alarm to warn the household or local fire department of the danger of impen...

24th February 2010

Types Of Fires Which Can Arise From Kitchen

By l3y in Family
Time is money in today's world. And because of this it is a common to see people rushing from one place to another. In this rush, jobs are usually left incomplete, especially things are forgotten on a burning stove. Only when smoke begins to arise or a fi...

08th January 2010

What to Do If An Emergency Strikes

Those who have experienced disaster in their homes and places of business understand that the first few minutes of response are critical. If the appropriate measures are taken in the immediate moments following an emergency, it can ensure the safety and w...

19th October 2009

Fire Alarm Services Protect Homes And Save Lives

By Matt in Family
A lot of people delude themselves with the idea that smoke alarms are all they need to protect themselves from fire, even though there have been countless incidents in which homes that only had smoke alarms were completely destroyed by fire. Fire alarm sy...

19th March 2009

A Lesson From Ben Bernanke

Since I don't know very much about economics I didn't expect the 60 Minutes story on FED head Ben Bernanke to increase my understanding of the stock market, the credit church or derivatives, but I was curious about how Mr. Bernanke would answer his Snell'...

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