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02nd March 2011

Honey Facial Treatments

If you want to try a natural facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple give a honey facial a try. If you like the results the first time, which most people do, then you can do these two or three times a week. This is the best h...

10th February 2011

How to Elminate Winter Dry Skin Patches

Patches of dry, flaky and itchy skin are common during the fall and winter months. While they can appear on almost any part of the body there are typically common on the legs, face, and hands. While there are many skin conditions that cause dry patches su...

20th December 2010

Ideas on Nail care

Nail impairment is often a prevalent matter for numerous ladies therefore several crucial preventative methods, the four most typical nail troubles may be simply solved with out pricey or complex remedies. Difficulty of fragile nails - this implies you...

27th May 2010

The Use of Nail Polish in the Treatment of Ringworm in the Nail

Many women really value their nails. Some even go to a spa just to have a manicure and pedicure as part of their beauty makeover. They will spend money just to make themselves beautiful and happy. Some guys even have a fetish on clean and beautiful nails....

08th January 2010

Time to buy a pair of Clip on earrings

With the introduction of clip on earrings, women have left a sigh of relief. Those torturous days of having different infections and allergies due to pierced ears have gone. You do not need to worry about those scars and painful experiences that are follo...

23rd December 2009

Manuka Honey Soap by Honeymark

Manufacturer of Natural Manuka products delivers a luxurious bar soap containing coconut oil, palm oil and Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Manuka Honey is produced in New Zealand by bees that utilize the nectar of the flowers that grow on the Manuka t...

16th July 2009

Skin Care tips for the Monsoons

It is again that time of the year when monsoon is approaching. On one side there is a good feeling that the temperature will go down, on the other hand there are fears of how to take care of your skin in humid & wet rainy season. If you are beauty conscio...

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