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13th June 2011

How SMS Marketing Helps Your Business

SMS Marketing lets your business recognise one of the most important truisms in advertising lore. Every customer, and every promotion, is different. The most successful promotions are always the ones that use the right medium to send the right message to ...

31st March 2011

Tracing the Links Between Location Based Mobile Marketing and Direct Mail

In the latest trend to hit direct and digital marketing, location based campaigns using smartphone technology are being utilised by brands to bring relevant promotions to consumers based on their location. But are there any parallels between the current t...

14th March 2011

A Few Feasible Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketing is basically a type of promotional activity that is increasingly been taken up by businesses these days. In this form of marketing the promotional messages are delivered and disseminated through the cell phones, Smartphones, and other dev...

17th February 2011

Finding Deals In Santa Barbara Through Mobile/Cell Phone Marketing

How do you find local deals in Santa Barbara? There has been a revolution in terms of advertising and selling products directly to the customer. Over the years, the concept has evolved from print media, gradually on to the television, the computer (intern...

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