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18th October 2011

Get the Best Digital New Car Wallpapers

This is very effective in enhancing the beauty and attractiveness of a car. The wallpaper can be designed by simply adjusting a bar or clicking a single button. This is ideal for people who have no experience in using a software or program. Anyone can cre...

17th May 2011

What Comes to Your Mind for a Crystal Award?

When the time comes for you to pick out a crystal award, what comes to your mind? Is it a golf ball on a pedestal for the golfer who made first place after three games? Maybe it is the world traveler who is bringing home an artifact for the museum that ...

02nd February 2011

In The Footsteps Of Artist David Roberts RA

Copyright (c) 2011 Nick Breeze At the beginning of February 2010 I was at the Watercolours and Modern Works On Paper Fair, held at the Science Museum in London, UK. The Victorian watercolours routinely displayed by the particular fair are always of a ...

06th September 2010

Ideas For The Scary Monster Costume

Arе уου struggling tο come up wіth аn original іԁеа fοr a costume thіѕ Halloween? Thеrе аrе ѕοmе tremendous monster costume ideas tο ɡеt уουr creative side going. Nοt οnƖу wіƖƖ уου bе original, bυt уου wіƖƖ hа...

18th August 2010

Cairo: Islamic Art Museum Reopens

Within a few weeks, The Cairo Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) will reopen after a 7 year renovation project. It is the largest collection of its kind and features not only Egyptian works but pieces from all over the Middle East. Opened in 1881, the museum at ...

23rd June 2010

DISH TV: Your Travel Guide

Life becomes so dull and boring by working mechanically in office everyday. A breath of fresh air is a must and for that we should sometimes go on a vacation with our loved ones. Our mind becomes exhausted and taxed and our life seems to be devoid of fun ...

06th January 2010

The research of Alexander Golod

The New World Wonder you can admire in Russia now! A huge Pyramid that combines the mystery of ancient legends with modern technologies and scientific achievements is opening its doors for excursions soon. The forty four meter high Pyramid near Moscow ...

12th March 2009

10 Best Ways to Shade a Picture

Lighting can be a very tricky trick to master. The shadows can be very tough to depict correctly. Cartoonists do not always draw the shadows super realistically but instead draw shapes that are meant to symbolize the shadows. These sharp shapes can be rea...

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