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07th October 2011

Shri Venkateshwar Internationals School In Dwarka

Sh. Raj Pal Ji is the founder of the Venkateswar group of schools and the school is situated in sector 18, Dwarka. His vision was to make this school world class by providing the students with intense and holistic experiences. The mission of the school is...

21st July 2011

India News-Growth story of India

History of World dates back to the dawn of time. Big-Bang Theory, Origin of World, Black holes, Galaxy and other planets like earth are few of those ways in which we are trying to figure out our circumstances of existence. India is known to be oldest of a...

11th August 2010

Electrical Gadgets – A Boom To A Boon

As understood it is a small technological object, performing a particular function often referred to as a device or an appliance. Thought of as a novelty initially because of the unfamiliarity and initial unwillingness to accept the technology, gadgets ha...

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