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19th September 2011

The Only Way to Avoid Phone Calls is Mobile Phone Jammer

Mobile phones are the most useful device for communication but sometimes they create a serious problem for us and we wish if we could control its functioning or avoid phone calls without switching it off so that the people at the other end donít realize t...

05th May 2011

ShoreTel Route a Call based on Area Code or Mood

Maybe we could use ShoreTel ďCall handling modesĒ to get the job done? Features like ďPersonal OperatorĒ and ďFind/Follow MeĒ are offered to callers once they are in your Voice message box and they can be very useful by offering callers options beyond lea...

15th April 2011

Christians First Date Tips

Looking for info on things that you must know when going on a first date as being a Christian? First dates are always enjoyable, but they can frequently become very frightening too. The key reason for first dates is to know the partner somewhat better and...

11th April 2011

Why The Mother Is A Childís Favorite Teacher

In a family, it is the mother who is eventually associated with the role of being a good home builder than the father, who on the contrary is often associated with the role of being the protector and bread winner. Yes lots of things have changed in todayí...

25th March 2011

Guinness World Records Is Set To Hit The TV Screens On 18th March!

Colors Channel is all set to start its most happening show of all times! The channel is going to air the most adventuresome program, Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega from 18th of March. The show is going to make its debut on Indian television. Int...

20th January 2010

The ending Of James Cameronís Avatar-What Did it Mean?

Ok so we all know that James Cameron's Avatar movie is a hit. And if you aren't one of the millions and millions of people who have seen it at least once (there must be a special room where people like you fit) go out and see it already! You won't regret ...

18th November 2009

Getting Over the Goof-ups in Live Christian Theatre

You've bathed the project in prayer from its inception. You've organized extensive rehearsals, cast trustworthy actors, and lined up a responsible crew. You have done everything in your power to ensure greatness. That means the performance will go pe...

03rd June 2009

Runescape Pures

A pure is generally someone who has a player that is high in a level like attack strength range or mage, and is based around the idea of being about śźćurely?one skill ?thus the name pures. There is a true pure and what people call an off set pure wher...

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