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31st October 2012

The meaning of productivity for a translator

What does productivity mean for a translator? The translator is an individual, not a company. For him, there is no economy of scale. Higher volume does not mean higher profits. Program for program, he will not make more profit if he translates 10 films t...

26th October 2012

Tips For Finding The Right Professional Translation Services

In a global economy, a lot of companies have found that expanding their business into international locations is becoming more viable and profitable. Additionally, increasingly diverse Growing your business in today’s economy often means expanding into ne...

23rd January 2012

Essential Skills To Look For In An English To French Translator

With globalisation, businesses located in different parts of the world are transacting with each other daily. This has created a demand for efficient translation services. If you are one of those looking to hire a translating company, especially for Engli...

31st March 2011

The Difficulties of International Divorce

International divorces can be difficult. If you are going through a divorce and living in a different country to your partner there are many complexities. The Practicalities Being in different countries will make all issues around the divorce that ...

31st January 2011

Leo Medina Denies Attorney Part

Divorce lawyers are also amongst the prime earning tax payers in the United States, since they proceed to be in higher need. America continues to divorce at a higher rate despite there becoming courses for partners to take by the Catholic Church and other...

06th August 2010

Difference between Interpretation and Translation

Translation and Interpretation are two terms which are commonly used and very rarely differentiated. Both these concepts are very distinctive and require a different set of skills and abilities to master. This is despite the fact that both translation and...

24th September 2009

The Importance of Culture in Translation Work

Translation does not only involve translating text from the initial language to the other language one word at a time. This does not guarantee you quality in your translations as you can't express accurately the meaning of the initial text if the translat...

01st April 2009

Solving Customer Care Issues with Effective Language Translation Tools

Content translation is a major obstacle for businesses trying to breakthrough to customers. We all understand that customer reach is as essential as the production or operations of a company. When information has to be passed on to people from differe...

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