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22nd June 2011

Essential Things You Need To Stay Away From When Complaining About Call Centers

Telemarketing outsourcing businesses can deal with all of your telemarketing requirements with out you having to apply your on-site personnel to total the work. The centers permit you to only make use of individuals having a greater level of expertise as ...

12th May 2011

Types of Call centre services

In the present era many companies wants to outsource their work, they have centralized customer service and support functions ,so the call centers are gaining importance popular in today's society. A call center is an office from where we can receive...

27th January 2011

Five Important Things You Must Realize With Regards To Outbound Telemarketing

Top telemarketing outsourcing companies can assist you to make targeted sales calls, set appointments, serve and retain existing customers, or generate leads. Telemarketing services can offer workers to undertake these responsibilities, as well as take gu...

23rd August 2010

Different Types of Indian Call Center

A call centre is an office where outbound calls are made & incoming calls are handled. These are usually large offices having representatives who either receive or make calls. Some call centers are involved in handling inbound calls, for example banks wh...

18th June 2009

Outbound Call Centers and Direct Marketing Campaigns

Today's call center is a channel of communication that strings caller and business together. An outbound call center is one in which call center agents make outbound calls to potential customers on behalf of a business or client with the intention of sell...

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