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07th April 2011

Stop Thinking of a Tsunami as a Wave

People are largely ignorant about the power of a tsunami, so it's time to review once again what a tsunami is. It is not a traditional sea wave. You know, we're talking about those swells we can body or board surf on, and that go right by us at the beac...

09th March 2011

Prospering and Growing Philadelphia Indian Community Stays Connected

Indians have a reputation for building and maintaining close ties: the Indian joint family still survives despite the fragmentation of the family following the growth of cities and the technological advances in the agricultural sector. Indian sailors s...

24th November 2010

Protecting tattoo inks in the skin

Tattoo inks always look amazing when they are first applied. Modern pigments deliver bright, engaging tattoos that really make the skin area or body part involved a canvas for a work of stunningly impressive art. The ink will fade, in time, unfortunately ...

16th February 2010

About the Amsterdam Dungeon

Beyond Holland's gleaming fa├žade of famous painters and entrancing architecture lies a past riddled with shadowy secrets. Leave class room history behind you and discover the truth behind Holland's darkest past at the Amsterdam Dungeon, where live act...

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