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13th April 2011

Plausible efforts to save species from dying by Avivet

There live many species of birds, rodents and reptiles on the earth but not every animal or bird gets proper attention it deserves. Man has been cruel to animals and birds and this evident from the dwindling number of species both on land and in water. A ...

04th April 2011

Home Cinema Virginia Water

Think you have to go to Hollywood to experience movie magic? Not any more! Bring Hollywood home with the finest Home Cinema Virginia Water. Multiplex cinemas are dying, they’re an endangered species; home cinema systems are making them surplus to req...

23rd February 2010

Common Problems Affecting The Eco System!

- Endangered species - Excessive use of fossil fuels led to its depletion - Excessive use of fossil fuels led to increase in temperature - Global warming brought about varied climatic patterns - If ignored may lead to melting down of glacier a...

29th December 2009

A bagh of rare beauty

Not many may know that there are over 6,000 species of cacti in the world and Panchkula alone has over 3,500 species. Amazed? So were we to see as many as 3,500 varieties of cacti, 450 species from all over the world, 57 plants families and more than 1,00...

16th December 2009

Organic Fabrics For Fair Trade Practices

If we decide to go for the natural fabric and if we want to induce others too to follow the same path,we have to also take into consideration of the regulations of Fair Trade. These regulations are nothing but to adhere to the principles of fair and equal...

15th December 2009

A Firm Dedicated To The Environment Sustainability

If we take a decision to have fabrics which is devoid of any chemicals we will be one among many to be instrumental for avoiding many negative impacts which are having far reaching consequences. The notable among them is that we are taking the first step ...

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