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07th November 2012

The Three Roads Painters Take On The Road Towards Practicing Pop Art

The evolution of ordinary painters into practitioners of pop art can be achieved in many ways, but there are three major identifiable ones. Painters can start out in various forms or fields of art, such as conventional abstract expressionism. In this disc...

27th September 2011

Logo Embroidery and Corporate Symbolism

Visual stimuli are some of the first impressions we get. Imagery is instantaneous. It comes way before language in our personal development and remains the foremost way of recognizing an idea or concept. It's a natural response for us to place meaning on ...

19th June 2011

What You Must Do As a Parent To Raise Happy Children Version 5.09

Raising children and exerting your influences through parenting is an awesome responsibility for anyone to have. The hardest thing about being a parent, is no matter what you teach your children, good or bad, it will influence them for the rest of their l...

24th February 2011

beyerdynamic DT 131 TV Trendline TV-Stereo Headphones Review

The TV edition of the DT 131 offers the same features and advantages as the DT 131 in terms of quality, technology and sound. In addition to the regular model the DT 131 TV is specially designed for people that want to listen with headphones to their TV s...

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