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09th June 2011

Cell Phone Wallpaper - The Fashion Statement

Post process is a little easier, just enough to directly click the relevent function button on the right side, and every processing operation will be shown in the emage edit area.Thirdly, you could select the suitable size from radio menu item on the left...

26th May 2011

The Beauty Of Art For Pleasure And Investment

When people stop and see a painting or some form of art, they do not think of it as becoming an investment. In fact, when most people think of an investment they think of a car of even something as big as a home. For those who are thinking about making a ...

24th May 2011

Why Invest in Ecologically Friendly Items for your Home

As we have become more aware of the damage we have caused to the environment through various manufacturing processes and so forth, a wide range of ecologically friendly items have been introduced to the market over recent years. These products help to dra...

05th April 2011

Enhancing The Look and Improving The Performance Of Your Cell Phone

Getting a new cell phone is exciting. You cannot wait to charge it so that you can begin to use your phone. One of the things that you normally do when you first received this wireless device is to personalize it. You would want to change its look from ge...

30th October 2009

Bracelets Update your Style Instantly

Have you ever heard the saying that the accessories make the outfit? Well, it's absolutely true. They are the icing on the cake, and quite possibly the easiest way to refresh an outfit. Bracelets can be fun and playful. They can be ornate and decadent. Th...

23rd September 2009

Planning Wedding Dress and Acessories

Before choosing the perfect designer wedding dress and accessories, it is extremely important for brides-to-be to peruse the many different styles and options available. With the addition of a stunning designer wedding dress complete with beautifully matc...

28th August 2009

How to Wear Bracelets to the Office

There's no doubt that bangle bracelets are high on our list of must-have fashion jewelry for fall. These bracelets make the perfect accessory for so many outfits, and it's hard to know where to draw the line. However, with the help of our panel of style e...

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