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23rd January 2012

EMI Shielding and Testing as Related to Mobile Technology

Part of how Cell phones work relies on reducing electromagnetic interference that can impact clarity of calls between users. This is don through various forms of EMI shielding on the parts that make the phone work, the outer casing of the phone, and on t...

11th January 2012

Anechoic Chambers and Smart Antennas In Cell Phone EMC/EMI Testing

When dealing with EMC/EMI testing and mobile technology the use of Anechoic Chambers and Smart Antennas will provide customers with better service, improved quality, and reduced health risks. EMC/EMI testing is vital to ensuring that mobile phones and Ce...

20th September 2011

Satellite Dish - A new way to entertainment

Satellite dish have been creating a buzz in the entertainment industry with its capability to transmit Television Channels and Radio Broadcast across continents. With a new edition of High Definition transmission, it has proved to be a great success. S...

25th May 2011

Wireless TV Headphones A Choice Between the RH and the IR

RH or radio frequency wireless TV headphones are just one of the accessories which many enjoy when watching shows and movies. Another popular choice is the IR or the infrared wireless TV headphone. Both are great accessories and are highly popular but wit...

17th November 2010

Buying GPS Devices: Getting The Ideal GPS Jammer

GPS jammers are apparatus used to dam or jam a GPS system from logging in locations. Many people concerned about their privacy see it as a gizmo that exposes their secrets. these days, most corporations utilize GPS equipment to watch over their automo...

17th November 2009

CellPhone Frequencies

For so many people around the world, phones became the central part of the communication. Phones facilitate effective and also economical full-full duplex of communication into any individual across the whole world. Alexander Graham Bell first discovered ...

23rd July 2009

The Story of an MP3 Player

Let's say you are a college kid, travelling down the street toward the study hall, and you want to tune in to NPR on a whim. Of all of the wholesale electronics you've put in your collection and loved, your MP3 music player is your most venerated. You are...

15th April 2009

Fix your Apple cell phone LCD screen display at SaveMyLCD

Cell Phone is a cordless telecommunication equipment. Generally radio frequencies are accountable for connecting mobile radio transmitters to recipient and transmission base stations. The process of radio frequencies transmission from one cellular phone t...

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