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31st May 2011

Aid Loved Ones Mourn a Loss With Bereavement Jewellery

A decorative framed print from bereavement array, comprising words of comfort and prudence would make an modern gift full of relief, a best present to calm the mourning soul.The series of comforting gifts includeResponsive and expressive arts are print as...

12th October 2010

Funeral Urns - keeping our loved ones safe after death

One constant thing during a time of bereavement is that emotions run very high and that can cloud our judgement, making it very difficult to think of a fitting tribute. Funeral urns can be a very personalised fitting tribute to a loved one. During ber...

11th August 2010

Funeral Urns - keepers of our loved ones

In times of bereavement it is often difficult to know how best to honor and remember our loved ones. Emotion runs high and sometimes clouds our senses and mind, making it difficult to know how we want to remember those we have lost. One way we can make a ...

14th May 2010

What Should You Shred?

There are many documents which individuals deal with on a regular basis like Bank Statements, Utility Bills, Junk Mail, Pre-Approved Application, Mortgage Details, Personal Letters etc. which should either be kept in a secure place, or if not required any...

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