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02nd March 2011

Why The Beauty Industry Hates Men - Beauty Industry and Missed Opportunities Part 1

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series: Missed Opportunities and The Beauty Industry In business, we've all played the "if I only knew then what I know now…" game. And yes, most - if not all - of us would lunge at the opportunity to jump into a time machine and e...

11th February 2011

iPhone Development - A Safe Bet For Profits

Arguably, no other handset has jump-started mobile application market globally as much as the Apple iPhone. Developers are incredibly busy creating apps for the growing iPhone consumer base (100,000 applications and counting). There can be no doubt that...

04th January 2011

The Next Financial Crisis?

If the latest potential financial fiasco blows up one can only shudder at the thought of what the repercussions will be. As The New York Times reports, many analysts who predicted the subprime mortgage crisis are warning of another impending meltdown, onl...

15th July 2010

Telefonica May Amend Vivo Offer you to Appease Portugal

Telefonica SA might grant Portugis Telecom SGPS SA a minority holding in its Brazilian assets to win approval for its 7.15 billion-euro ($9.1 billion) present for the Portuguese company's stake in Brazil's largest wireless operator, analysts stated.Telefo...

07th July 2010

The Figures Show That Online TV Is Booming

For more information please check : The rise of internet streamed movies, videos and tv shows no signs of slowing according to the stats for December 09. Although we have already reported on the breakthrough by Netflix i...

07th January 2010

Spanish Tax Reclaim

Have you sold a property in Spain between 1997 and 2006? If you answer yes to this question then maybe you can make a Spanish tax reclaim. The European Court of Justice recently made a ruling because of a case brought about by an English couple. The basis...

19th August 2009

Skype embroiled in Law Suite

In recent weeks a legal dispute between Skype's former owner and current owners has hit the headlines. Former owners Joltid Ltd have accused the current owners, eBay, of infringing copyright rules with regards to the technology used to run the VoIP servic...

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