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21st April 2011

Minnesota Divorce and Property Division: What can I Keep, and What Must be Divided?

So you find yourself either contemplating divorce, or in the middle of a divorce in the State of Minnesota, and need to know what your rights are with regard to all the personal and real property owned by you or your spouse. This article will touch on th...

01st December 2010

Finding the Minimum Income to Pay Income Tax

"The use of judicial doctrines to curtail tax avoidance is pervasive in the area of income taxation. There are several reasons for this phenomenon: central among them is that courts believe that if the Internal Revenue Code ("Code") were read literally, i...

14th May 2010

Legal Help for Divorce Cases

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments occur when a U.S. court relies upon foreign divorce ruling, on the ground that it has been previously litigated abroad. Thus recognition of foreign divorce judgments is akin to the domestic U.S. doctrines o...

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