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30th January 2013

Importance of Reading in Preschool

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." — Emilie Buchwald Reading is one of the best and inexpensive gifts a parent can give to their child. Reading to a preschool child not only benefits him to succeed in his school years but also th...

08th February 2011

Learning Vision Skills in Preschool Helps a Little one’s Learning for Life

Learning vision skills is an important part of a kid's growth in the preschool years. Learning vision skills lays the groundwork for future tutorial achievement, because these are the constructing blocks upon which a toddler's studying, writing and spell...

18th August 2010

Building Blocks for Children - Extremely Useful

Most of the toy basket, the child has blocks. They cannot be regarded simply as a set of interlocking bricks. Depending on the interests of the child, a wide variety of variants of building blocks are still available today. In general, children choose won...

27th November 2009

WOW Toys line of products launch offer

We're excited to introduce WOW Toys products into Yogee Toys. So, to celebrate its new arrival we're giving away a free WOW TOYS Clippety-Clop Farmer on your A$50 purchase or more of WOW toys. About WOW Toys Wow introduces themes from real life into...

22nd April 2009

Discover How Online Games Can Help Preschoolers Develop

Every parent knows how easy kids get bored, especially preschoolers, and finding new attractions can be exhausting, time-consuming and expensive. When the traditional preschool games have been played a thousand times over and all fresh ideas have been exh...

20th March 2009

How to Build Relations with Ones Preschool Children

Finding quality time with young children is becoming more and more of a challenge for the working parent then it has ever been in the past. With parents spending more time commuting to work and working longer hours in the fear of loosing their jobs in the...

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