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26th October 2012

The new High-capacity Apple Laptop Battery (Apple A1175)

Description ?Product description? Battery Type: laptop battery Voltage: 11.1V Current: 5600mAh Level: Package Description: Independent carton packaging, built-in sponge, anti-static packaging. Shelf life: one month first three year warranty service. ...

05th April 2011

Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Mobile Phone

The cell phone industry is a very lucrative business. Each year you would see new models of mobile phones emerging with new and improved features to entice mobile users to buy a new unit. With this, it is not surprising to note an increase in demand for m...

16th March 2011

Cell Phone Fallen in Water? Here Is What You Should Do

We have our mobile phones on us all through the day, and there are many instances in a day where the cell phone is exposed to dangerous situations. Like all electronic devices, cells need to be kept away from water, places that are radioactive, and some p...

24th February 2011

Uses and a few facts about HFC-227ea

The term HFC-227ea is now synonymous with fire extinguishing and suppression. Used in many places with high value or delicate product to be protected, this product is ideal because of its non toxic nature and ability to leave perfectly intact virtually al...

31st January 2011

Protective enclosures for LCD and Plasma displays

When installing LED, LCD and plasma monitors outside or inside in volatile areas, some kind of safety is needed to safeguard the hardware. A plasma TV cabinet is one of the most affordable solutions for the protection of the fragile from the local weather...

14th January 2011

Sony NP-FF50 NP-FF70 Camcorder Battery-Your Great Choice

Have you been annoyed by running out of CMOS when you are capturing a exciting moment with your lovest camera?This is really a headache which most of you may occur with.How to get out of this trouble?So,let me introduce a very good battery for you,I wish ...

27th August 2010

Make Minor Repairs to Your Phone

With the advancement of technology and other developments it is now become easy to get your damaged phone repair instead of replacing it. There are so many areas which are repaired to avoid the heavy costs on purchasing new ones. Minor phone repair tasks ...

17th June 2010

Saving Wet Cellphones

We all know someone who's handled to drop their particular cell phone into a potty, kitchen sink or pool. Although it may look catastrophic your iphone just went swimming, you can find quite a few things you can do to try and save your phone. Obtain it...

27th November 2009

Samsung Travel Charger – Keep Your Phone Charged On The Move

If you are planning for travel to another country or state, then packing up of essential devices is a major part. Often, you find it hard to adjust you big sized mobile chargers while packing up your kit of essential items. Certainly, this is due to the f...

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