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16th November 2011

Democracy Watch, 2011 - Issue 26

20 years of Ukrainian Independence: progress or servitude? Evaluating Ukraine’s 20 years of Independence, to be celebrated on the 24th of August, is a complex and contentious task. However, this anniversary provides a unique opportunity to reflect upon...

18th March 2011

16 Climate Change Solutions - The Built Environment

Government could be a force for progress in finding Climate Change solutions. The problem simply has to be solved. Time is showing that there is no escape from this reality. Politics aside, the governance mechanisms need to be in the public interest, free...

18th May 2010

Cut Your Heating Bills and Bring in Eco-friendly Renters

With one decisive action, it is possible to slash your individual heat costs as well as attract environment friendly renters to your buildings. By using the latest renewable energy technology, you are able to substantially lessen your use of fossil f...

19th March 2010

America in a Hole? Stop Digging!

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis The first thing to do when in a hole is stop digging. Well we've created quite a hole for ourselves. Millions out of work, entire industries failing, housing values crashing, state budgets crumbling and of course bo...

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