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16th July 2009

How A Perfume Smell Can Change

Most women absolutely love perfumes. Many have their favorite scent from the famous Chanel Number 5 to Est'e Lauder's Beyond Paradise or Calvin Klein's Euphoria. There are some perfumes that are meant for day wear while others are meant for the evening or...

09th July 2009

Natural Mineral Makeup

While natural mineral makeup may be a relative neophyte in the centuries-old cosmetics industry, it is has certainly taken the market by storm. Natural mineral makeup continues to enjoy an explosive presence in the market because it offers an alternative...

18th May 2009

Fragrances: Smelling Better Every Day

Do you currently wear fragrances? If so, when was the last time you tried a new one? With so many different brands, smells, types and combinations of fragrance on the market, it is a shame that more people do not experiment more often with new scents. Why...

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