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06th May 2009

Middle East gets Wolverine Screening while Mexico Awaits its Chance

Swine Flu is the topic on everyone's lips these days and in Mexico, the outbreak of the disease is especially tragic. Having claimed 149 lives already in the country, attempts to control the outbreak are currently in operation. X-Men Origins: Wolverine...

01st May 2009

Why Online Movies Suit American Lifestyle

Internet has enabled free viewing of movies at the comfort of our home. A few years back when online movies had not debuted, the traditional process of DVD rentals used to be a regular affair. If the DVD was not available or the rental was closed, an enti...

15th April 2009

Hardly Scary - The Haunting in Connecticut

Horror movies go well with young audiences. ‘The Haunting in Connecticut' is a recently released one that has surprised everyone with its large collections in the first few days. Story Based on true life incidents, the story is about a family th...

07th April 2009

Summer Movie Treat - 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'

'Revenge is coming' and looks like it's gonna get bigger and nastier this time. Sam Witwicky was the man who fought the dreadful 'Decepticons' with the help of his loyal 'Autobots' in the movie Transformers. Optimus Prime led Autobots kick some ass of...

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