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15th April 2009

Hair Straighteners for men

It is nice to see that men have also started taking care of their importance. Earlier some kind of stigma kept them away to take care of their looks. They thought that all these beauty products are only meant for men and taking care of skin, face and hair...

09th April 2009

Gifting a Hair Straightener

Whenever it comes to any special occasion or some invitation that you are going to attend the matter always comes of presenting some gifts. Now the matter of fact is to decide which gift should be the best to present some one on such occasion. The thing t...

01st April 2009

Have some more care for the hair

Androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness (MPB) is genetic. Either from father's side or from mother's side this particular gene pass down. Even today people think that baldness or grey hair cannot be cured. This is true but you can surely take some pr...

25th March 2009

GHD mini hair straightener for men and women

Why always women? Some hair straighteners have been now developed with men in mind. These hair straighteners can also be used by women with short hair. The new GHDIV MK4 Mini Styler is built with some ingenious new features that make it the ultimate styli...

17th March 2009

CHI hair straightener - A sensible choice

You will realize that purchasing a CHI hair straightener will make you a proud owner and you will realize that you get what you paid for. The manufacturer of CHI hair straightener has always employed their best ideas that turns out to be useful with the u...

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