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01st July 2009

Parents must talk to their kids sometimes

Problems are common for our Parents, but they always find ways to resolve it. Some may take time, others may take months or maybe a year to solve it. Parents often think that their kids has no problems in mind, thinks that everything is find, thin...

18th May 2009

Instant summer glow with a spray tan or tanning lotion

We all know the feeling of getting dressed in your favourite outfit, sexy shoes and amazing accessories…. However when you look in the mirror before leaving your house, you see something that truly is not quite right? It's your skin - You look pale,...

08th May 2009

Pasadena Swine Flu Symptoms and Prevention

Pasadena Unified School District issued a statement regarding the District's response to concerns about reported cases of the swine flu. "Keeping our students and staff healthy and safe is our highest priority," Diaz. "Although we have received no rep...

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