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14th April 2009

Samsung M7500: For Those Who Love Phone with Beauty

It goes without saying that Samsung M7500 has oodles of interesting and useful features. By dint of this mobile phone, the users can easily view data and documents or make use of voice memo to record their thoughts. Additionally, it has an organizer featu...

11th April 2009

Nokia 3600 Slide Red—Stands Out Of the Crowd

Nokia 3600 slide red is available in a prominent wine red color. This mobile phone has a very small size and ergonomic shape. The looks and form factor of this mobile phone makes it stand out in the crowd and make a mark. The cell phone has been wrapped i...

10th April 2009

Samsung W200i – The Walkman Mobile Phone

It is one of the affordable music phones which can store upto 37 full length music tracks or about four albums. Just like other high gadget phone you can transfer music from your PC with Disc2Phone music management software which comes with this mobile ph...

09th April 2009

Walk Around the World with Nokia 6210 Navigator

Nokia has launched a number of handsets till date, out of which Nokia 6210 navigator has been the most accepted handset. As the name justifies, you can easily navigate various roads and streets, with the help of this preeminent cell. The cell has navigati...

07th April 2009

Sony Ericcson 200i – The Low Cost Basic Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson 2001, just like its predecessors have a simple looks, which means no flashy looks. Coming to the basics, this model has a large keypad, giving you a feeling of a computer keypad. To make things easier for the user, it has shortcut keys and a...

07th April 2009

The New 3G Phone From Airtel – 3G iPhone

The features of this 3G iPhone includes pod casts which gives access to thousands of pod casts on the iTunes Store via Wi - Fi or cellular network you own. The navigation part of the iPhone is too good. The Street View feature in this mobile takes you o...

04th April 2009

Nokia N85 Review – A Marvel of OLED Technology

Among a number of Nokia, Nokia N85 is one of the latest versions of Nokia N-series. There is no doubt that every handset of Nokia is jam-packed with lots of spicy functions and features. And the same goes with Nokia N85. It is also fraught with various ho...

31st March 2009

Nokia 2626 – Get the Basic Phone at Lowest Prices

To tell you about the features which are loaded in this basic Nokia phone, I would list out them for a better understanding. First the display - it's a simple clean shaven phone with 128*128 mm display screen. Designed in candy bar shape, it comes in thr...

25th March 2009

Nokia 7310 - The Candy Bar Mobile Phone

Nokia 7310, also called the supernova mobile weights just 83 gms; measures 11.9 mm in thickness and has a ergonomic keypad, which makes it easy for a person to type. In other words, with this mobile, you have the easeness of a computer keyboard in your ha...

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