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10th September 2009

The Best Earrings for Every Hairstyle

Women's hairstyles are as unique as their style, each having individual flair and unique appeal. Sometimes it's hard to find earrings that compliment your look to a tee. That's why we put together this great list of must-have earrings for every hair style...

07th September 2009

Clip Earrings for Fall

We've watched all the runway shows, read all the fashion magazines and combed the red carpet in search of the hottest earring shapes for fall. Best of all, they are all available in clip-on earring styles, so anyone can wear them without worry. Statem...

30th June 2009

Bridesmaid Jewelry that Dazzles

Bridesmaid Jewelry that Dazzles - The bridal party is an important part to any wedding. Whether you just have a maid of honor, or an entire entourage of your closet family and friends, you'll surely want them to look their best. By the time you pick ou...

26th June 2009

The New Take on Pearl Necklaces and Earrings

Pearls are classic and beautiful - known for their timeline elegance. They will always be in fashion, yet this season, there's a different take on jewelry made from these stunning natural stones. Designers and celebs are putting their own modern twist on ...

13th June 2009

How to Wear Bold Jewelry Right Now

Sure, it's easy to wear bold chunky jewelry when it's cold outside, but what about as it warms up? What's acceptable and what should be stored? What are a few great pieces that will update my wardrobe and not break the bank? We explore the answers to thes...

12th June 2009

Beautiful Bow Tie Jewelry

Now, you don't have to wait for a black-tie event to don a beautiful bow tie. You can easily wear bow tie shaped jewelry with any outfit - day or night. Here are some great ideas for incorporating the look into your closet: Casual - A simple sterling s...

10th June 2009

Jennifer Garner: Mother Style we Love

We're always on the look out for moms that are just like us. Jennifer Garner is a mom whose style we absolutely love. She's casual chic (and practical) while running around town, and she looks great on the red carpet. We especially love how she accents he...

09th June 2009

American Idol Jewelry Style

One of the top shows on TV continues to be the addictive reality of American Idol. Each week millions tune in to hear the top contestants belt out their song choices and work the stage as a performer. Part of that marketability that the judges are seeking...

05th May 2009

Grow your Floral Jewelry Collection this Spring

The beautiful bright flowers of Spring are in full bloom with floral jewelry following suit and imitating nature's lovely hues. Flower jewelry is a great way to work the trend into your wardrobe and instantly update darker colors. No matter what your styl...

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