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08th December 2011

Goods and Services Tax (Malaysia)

Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia may be implemented by the Malaysian Government somewhere in the third Quarter of 2011. 4% GST will replace the current sales and service tax currently levied at rates between 5% and 10%.Companies with revenue RM 500,000 ...

31st August 2011

The Different of Celebrity Gossip and News Reports

Celebrities are probably the most popular human being on Earth making them the number one issue for different tabloids, magazines and news websites. If current events and other political issues are considered as news, celebrity reports is often described ...

16th June 2011

A Short Overview of Telecom Billing OSS For Present Day Needs

Since the telecommunication industry has undergone a great change, it is hereby observed that a great emphasis is also given in the internal operations that are related to billing and other related matter. Almost 80% of the total population in the develop...

05th April 2011

Divorce Records WA For Everyone

The Evergreen State, Washington, is situated in the north-western part of the United States. It is bordered by British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, and the Pacific Ocean. Based on the 2010 U.S. Census, this state ranked 13th in terms of the number of resident...

22nd March 2011

How to overcome excess weight?

Over weight can be defined as the weight above than the required. A person is said to be over weight if his weight is more than the requirement. Recently, a survey was made as per which most of the people are becoming over weight. Around 60% of Americaní...

15th March 2011

Free Public Death Records of the States Online

Also called the Sooner State, Oklahoma is situated in the South Central region of the United States. The 2010 census reveals that it houses an estimated 3,751,351 residents. Compared with the other states, such total population isnít that large at all. Fo...

06th March 2011

Rising Private and Public Participation to Drive Nigerian 3G Market

With the uninterrupted reforms and investments, Nigeriaís telecom sector has emerged as the largest telecom industry in the African continent. Efforts by the government and private telecom players have resulted in several technological developments during...

02nd March 2011

Various Methods Of Searching Divorce Records

Mississippi is a state located at the southern part of America. Its capital and largest city is Jackson. This part of the U.S. ranks as the 32nd in terms of land area and 31st in its total population. Like any other states, it also maintains public files ...

11th July 2009

SMS Advertising Benefits

(1) There was never before such a powerful way of reaching customers on personal basis. Messages are directly delivered to the mobile phones of the customers so that they should know about the products as well as service offered by the company. 70% of the...

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