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06th October 2011

Hue Land of poetry

The autumn signals the start of Vietnamís "Wedding season", with most Vietnamese coupes choosing to marry in the fall and winter months. The city of Hue looks even more romantic than usual, the sky seemingly higher and bluer. I watch girls in fluttering a...

22nd June 2011

Wildlife Safaris - A Legend of African Elephants

The herd is generally composed of up to 10 females and their young. All of the females in the herd are directly relevant to the matriarch, who is normally the oldest and most significant female. Males past the age of maturity are with the herd only throug...

10th June 2010

The Costa Rica Dome - A Nursery For The Worlds Largest Animal

Blue Whales are the worlds largest baleen whale, the worlds largest mammal, the worlds largest animal, the worlds largest predator and experts believe largest living creature to ever breathe on our planet. Scientists and oceanographers are constantly carr...

06th January 2010


India is the 7th largest country in the world. It covers almost over 3.29 million square kilometers of area. Mining is one of the most important industries for India. Rather, it would not be wrong to say that Mining Services India and the Oil and Gas Serv...

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