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25th November 2010

The Metamorphosis From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Anthony Robbins

Metaphors can change the meaning you associate to anything, change what you link pain and pleasure to and transform your life as effectively as caterpillar transform to Butterfly. Become a metaphor detective. Whenever we hear someone using a metaphor that...

22nd November 2010

Discover Tips On Making Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are the byproduct of photographic or graphic images printed on canvas that are stretched or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame. They are also known by their other terms such as canvas art or stretched canvas. Since 1990s, the images have been rep...

23rd June 2010

President Obama and Rep. Stupak proclaim “There will be peace in our time!!”

Listening to the hearings today regarding the Gulf spill, I heard Rep Stupak asking the leaders of the largest oil companies in the United States if they could handle a spill the size of the "worst case scenarios" in their disaster plans. I think Rex Till...

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