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24th May 2011

How To Create a 6 Course French Dinner Without Recipes

Would you break into a sweat if you had to create a 6 course French dinner for friends? Most people would, it can be intimidating cooking for other people. What makes this cooking stress even greater is trying to follow written recipes. Cooking is fu...

19th May 2011

Thank Your Guests With Bottle Opener Favors

Are you worried about the many different shapes and sizes that wine bottles are designed with these days? Not a problem. You do not have to worry about getting different size electric wine bottle openers, because it fits any sized wine bottle, period.As a...

26th January 2011

Self Tanner For Safe And Stunning Tan Any Time!

There is now a universal awareness of the harmful effects of the sun to the skin, for example, it can cause cancer. This can be credited for the reason that self tanner products have flooded the markets. We all like to get a good tan, but not at the risk ...

12th May 2009

Protecting Your Skin From Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer, killing thousands of people each year. The most common cause of this type of cancer is the sun.  While the sun may be one of the best feelings on your skin, it can also be causing your skin to develo...

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