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26th November 2010

Losing 10 Pounds in 30 days is easy

The Mediterranean diet has been round for centuries, but if you don't live in international locations the place this vitamin is commonplace corresponding to Greece or Italy, you can also not realize the numerous benefits of eating healthy meals "Mediterr...

29th March 2010

Is the Mediterranean Diet Too Salty?

mediterranean dietFirst the food police came after the butter inside your movie theater popcorn, with subsequently they came after the salt. Except hold they gone to boot far this instance? You have heard it before...salt causes hypertension, yada, yada.....

12th February 2010

Mediterranean Diet Proved Better Than Drugs For Diabetes

By Terry in Diet
Diabetics typically have to take large amounts of medication, however recent studies done in Naples, Italy have proven that adhering to a Mediterranean diet beats diabetes drugs! The Mediterranean diet is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins...

05th January 2010

Diets That Really Work

Over the past few years as the diet craze has hit a new high, there have been many diets, such as Atkins, that turn out to be a fad and something that doesn't really work. There are a few diets, however, that have been proven that actually help people los...

29th December 2009

5 Healthy Benefits Of Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has been around for centuries, but if you do not live in countries where this diet is dominant such as Greece or Italy, you may not get the lots of benefits of eating healthy foods "Mediterranean" style. in line with studies, the Me...

21st October 2009

Mediterranean Diet Fights Depression

A walking for weight loss program and a healthy diet has many benefits but now we are told it also helps fight depression. A study of 11000 people in Spain has found that a Mediterranean diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, lean meat and oi...

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