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20th January 2011

Ceiling Art

We often think of art as paintings or photographs hanging on the walls around us, or perhaps as statues freestanding on the floor. A lot of art is more or less at our eye level. If it rises above, it at least starts at our eye level. However, some of the ...

30th September 2010

Looking for a christmas party venue in London?

Every year the same old problem, the boss gives the order to conjure up the party of the year for the company and to do it with a modest budget. No pressure then! So where do you start in London? There are so many bars, pubs and clubs in London that it co...

30th June 2010

Download Monk Episodes from the Most Genuine Source

The incredible police procedural drama Monk, has garnered mountainous fan following since its premiere. That is why millions of people round the globe turn to web world to make Monk download. Apart from the storyline, the portrayal of obsessive detective ...

14th May 2010

The Musical Mamma Mia

The Musical Mamma Mia has recently been setting several box office records all across the globe. It has been the centre of attention and has achieved much critical acclaim and has managed to gather a fanatical cult following. The producers who have produc...

12th February 2010

Standard guidelines for effortlessly downloading True Blood episodes

This article is a special effort which is intends to enlighten the staunch television viewers regarding a secure web approach for True Blood download, an approach that supplies quality episodes with maximum safety and speed. However, before that let us pu...

22nd December 2009

Poor and Homeless in America

With the rare exception of a special report produced by educational television channels and shown sandwiched between reruns late at night, we seldom see the faces of America's enormous homeless population. They live their street lives in decaying downtown...

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