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15th February 2011

Anime Tips: Caring Collectibles Properly

Are you a mum or dad who is tired with the constant attention paid to television, music, and video games? If you're, you may like to take your child's love for tv together with other varieties of media and turn it into a productive and potentially profita...

07th February 2011

How To Learn Michael Jackson Dance

Michael Jackson dance moves have been the cynosure of all eyes ever since the King of Pop burst on the music scene with his trademark dance moves like moonwalking and sidesliding. Even the MJ shuffle is so widely recognized that it can make hearts thrum w...

12th August 2010

Will Teeth Whitening Be Enough?

Many people get their teeth whitened, hoping that a quick cosmetic touch will be enough to sort out their dental situation. But is teeth whitening enough or should we be looking at other treatments as well? To answer this question, it's important to as...

14th April 2010

Tips to Get Glowing Skin

The skin is one of the most important organs of our body, it is vital. It provides, inter alia, a protective barrier against the environment because it can ward off bacteria and pathogens, heat and cold. By air pollution, aggressive detergents and other i...

15th January 2010

Face Care Tips for a Beautiful Face and Skin

I want to give you some tips in this article which I believe you will find helpful as you seek to improve the appearance of the thing which people first look at your face. If you are enjoying a smooth, glowing, beautiful and soft facial skin now a...

24th April 2009

Ideal Baby Clothes for a Happy and Smiling baby

Babies are undeniably wonderful bundles of joy. Although they seek constant attention, bringing up a baby is indeed a memorable experience. The ever evolving fashion trends have made 'baby grooming' an integral part of baby care in India. There are myria...

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