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19th May 2011

Custom Bachelor Party Favors Get the Party Going

Before the wedding, all sorts of planning, buying, designing, and setting up have to be done in order for a smooth-sailing event that is memorable and as stress-free as possible. Also before the wedding a bride usually has a day out with her bridesmaids a...

15th April 2011

Ways to Save Your Marriage and Prevent Divorce

Every relationship has its ups and downs. You cannot really expect your marriage with your partner to be a smooth sailing one. Disagreements and arguments are all part of the challenges that every marriage will face. They should keep you and your pa...

24th February 2011

An appeal to the Filipino people

Greetings of Peace! In the middle of the raging controversies that our country is facing, one glaring truth cannot simply be ignored. There is a brewing tension between good and evil and I believe now is the time to for a baptized Catholic and a Christian...

12th June 2009

Mayor's Right Hand Removed Regardless of Clean Background Check

The Mayor-Elect Suttle of Omaha, NE has not enjoyed smooth sailing since stepping into his new position. His problems involve his trusted campaign consultant since 2005 and current Community Chief of Staff. Well, actually, Matt Samp will no longer be the ...

17th April 2009

Reverse Phone Lookup Can Trace the Course of the Pigeons' Journey

Maximum security prisons have been losing the battle with their prisoners' ingenuity. In their quest for the perks of wireless technology, inmates have been coming up with various ways to circumvent the system and smuggle cell phones into the facilities. ...

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