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18th November 2011

5 Ways To Care For Natural Hair

Taking good care of normal hair needs discipline as well as dedication. In order to keep heads turning, you will have to use hair treatment, condition regularly, use a clarifying shampoo, exercise caution with hair styling, and let your hair down. They...

24th May 2011

Correlation between Your Health and Your Hair

Did you know there is a direct correlation between healthy hair and your health? Hair problems such as dry brittle hair, hair thinning, hair loss and even flaky scalp can be an indicator of a health condition or a lack of nutrients and essential vitamins ...

21st January 2011

Covering Bald Heads with Wigs

Ask men what attracts them to women, and some will definitely answer smooth and shiny hair. Truly, well-styled hair is a plus for any person. People with neat-looking hair tend to draw attention even in the midst of a crowd. Some countries have stereotype...

21st January 2011

Wigs: A Remedy for Hair Loss

Truly, shiny and smooth hair is an asset. Some women prefer having straight, neat-looking hair. Other women, however, prefer curly or unusually-colored hair. Whatever the style is, hair is one of the most easily noticeable parts of a personís head. A pers...

06th November 2010

Loss of Hair is Normal, But When the Loss is Excessive it is Time to Worry

When you comb your hair, are there a number of hairs in your brush or comb? If so, you can consider this as normal. Everyone lose their hair on a daily basis. It can mean the loss of 100 hairs or more each day. If however, the loss gets more extensi...

06th November 2010

More Than 70 Million People Are Seeking Methods For Preventing Hair Loss

Thirty million women and 40 million men are looking for methods for preventing hair loss. This is a large amount of people who are experiencing the loss of their hair. The numbers will most likely continue to increase. The sad part is these numbers could ...

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