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01st April 2011

Cosmetic Surgery - Facts You Should Know

We all reach a point in life when gravity and age get to us. Cosmetic surgery is now a viable option to deal with it and there is nothing taboo or forbidden about it anymore. Cosmetic surgery today is commonplace but it is important that you walk into it ...

02nd March 2011

Are Your Tattoos Keeping You Unemployed?

The days of tattoos being taboo in the United States are in the past; nowadays tattoos are more popular than ever. People from nearly every social and cultural background are using tattoos as a way to show their individuality to the world. Regardless ...

23rd February 2011

Easy Methods to Get Rid of Facial Hair

Here are a few of the best ways on find out how to get rid of facial hair so you possibly can have a easy and hair-free face that may last for a number of days at the minimum. Though there are more men who grow their facial hair (because doing so is an...

24th February 2010

Knitting Is Not For Grannies Anymore

By l3y in Family
One of the fastest growing trends today is teenagers learning to knit. While the word "knitting" used to make you think of grandma sitting in her rocker knitting a baby blanket for some distant relative, this is just not the case anymore. Today, million...

16th September 2009

Beauty Tips only for Men.

Gone are the days when men going to beauty parlor were unacceptable, thought to be taboo or people would doubt them. De facto, history reveals that men would use kohl thousands of years ago! Now again, it is very much in the fashion, totally acceptable an...

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