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19th April 2011

Paddock Management - Infrastructure Advice

Gateways and fencing - if possible you should consider adding an extra gate to your paddock to reduce the level of use and avoid a poached gateway. In the even that you are unable to reduce bare patches of grassland poached land should be rolled in the ea...

14th April 2010

Landscape Photography

Most people who own a camera will take landscape pictures at some time or another. Australian landscape photography is different from landscapes in most other countries because the light is different. Wherever you go in Australia there is something worthy...

16th August 2009

Why Buffer Weedicides and How Do You Do It?

Weeds are considered significant threats to natural ecosystems. To the farmer, weeds are also a major threat to farm economics. Weeds interfere with crop growth, choke pastures and may even harm farm animals. Being plants themselves, they compete with cro...

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