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08th June 2011

Kids Educational Games- The Best Way to Reach Them

Ever like to know how a child feels when he sees an online game? Simple, watch her playing an online game that you bought for her. You will be amazed at the way she learns all the rules of the game within minutes, tries her hand at it and very triumphantl...

12th April 2011

How Board Games Affect Our Lives

There are 42,000 board games in the world. Each is designed to promote enjoyment during our leisure time or bonding moments. We just could not resist the competitive nature of these games. It improves our learning skills, decision-making competency and ou...

18th March 2011

Magic the gathering-the rules

Have you ever played a game which doesn’t have rules, I mean a game which you just pay like that, no standards, no rules, nothing-that would never be a game. The same applies to magic the gathering. To have this game player in the right way and to taste w...

03rd June 2010

Business Communication

In our world today, people continuously need to communicate at increasing speeds (and from increasing distances) in order to build trust inside and outside their companies. For us internally, this means focuisng on systems of communication that connect...

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