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03rd May 2011

The Beauty of Reviews: Good and Bad

I was taught, way back when I was in sales, to ask for a report card from clients ESPECIALLY when you think itís going to be a bad one. This gives you a chance to address the issues with the client, let them know you are listening and concerned, and turn ...

08th March 2011

Headshots Los Angeles: Interview with Photographer Lesley Bohm

When picking a headshot, what do you think? Should actors go with their gut or with what their agent or manager says? What do you think about that? I really recommend an actor pick Ė itís hard. You need a few different opinions because you always want...

06th March 2011

Those struggling to lose weight are willing to try anything

Nowadays many people are considering liposuction surgery as a way of getting them closer to the body that they want. While this type of cosmetic surgery is generally more common today those same people still struggle with the decision. Many times they thi...

11th November 2010

Software program to Spy on Your Spouse's Cell Telephone - A Blessing Or a Curse?

Given that the development and industrial distribution of software program to spy on your spouse's mobile mobile phone, there have been many opponents and supporters of this sort of programs.Many of the opponents of software to spy on your spouse's mobile...

13th October 2010

How to Disappear Acrylic Nails

By mr in Beauty
More a nowadays, group who go for paint nails meet a enumerate of problems when it comes to removing the nails, erstwhile they mortal served their propose. It is real main to be awake of the correct way to withdraw the paint nails; otherwise there is a ch...

18th August 2010

Are The Shield Episodes Promoting a Corrupt Version of an Ideal Cop?

The Shield episodes are centered on a bunch of corrupt cops, who can adopt any means to ensure that justice prevails over injustice. In spite of having all the virtues in the world, the cops are not short of vices as well. They are ever ready to go agains...

05th January 2010

The added viewing dimensions of online movie clubs

There are an increasing number of online movie clubs cropping up on the internet, taking advantage of increased broadband usage and fast download speeds to offer high quality streaming movies. Some of these clubs offer a selection of recent movies from a ...

29th October 2009

Making Money with Carbon Copy Pro

This article needed to be written. In fact, it's a bit overdue in my opinion. I wrote it mostly for people that have no clue what Carbon Copy Pro is or how to make it work. I'm asked at least every other day what is Carbon Copy Pro? Or just how are you...

17th September 2009

Princess Diana Death Official Report Lied That Driver Was Drunk

The gospel according to the official report has it that "boozehound Henri Paul" snuggled up behind the wheel of the Mercedes S280 on the night of August 31, 1997 and proceeded to drive in what can best be described as a reckless and dangerous manner (atta...

19th August 2009

Why do actors, use a professional London casting photographer for their portfolio photos?

If you are a new kid on the block and are pining for your dream role, enhance your portfolio by getting your snaps clicked by a casting photographer. Choose a professional photographer as he can bring "you" out in the most distinctive way. Any actor needs...

19th May 2009

More Casualties of a Forgone Background Check Surface Years Later

So, the State of Washington has outed another wolf in sheep's clothing: Father Pat O'Donnell. The good father admitted to molesting over 30 young boys during the course of more than 30 years. How did it come out? Two of his victims, now grown men, have co...

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