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13th June 2011


Are such actions ascribed is a question which can well be asked and within my head the answer is unquestionably sure.Having previously worked with various elements like the law of attraction I have noticed that the more I meditate on something, the more l...

14th February 2011

The Metaphysical Actor Part Two - The Tao of Acting

THE METAPHYSICAL ACTOR When the Control Comes In Basically we are looking for a way to keep our mental control out of the way once a truthful performance begins to gather momentum. As Stanislavski said, “when the subconscious, when intuition enters...

03rd February 2010

Can Nightmares In Young Children And Bed Wetting In Kids Be Cured By Hypnosis?

Michelle Gets A Midnight Surprise And Contemplates Her Childs Nightmares Don't you just hate it when you get woken up in the middle of the night by a sobbing child! Especially if it's for bed wetting reasons, and you have to do a bit of nocturnal bed s...

21st January 2010

The Interest in Sunless Tanning: Why Americans Want to be Tan

The influx of self-tanning and sunless products, as opposed to the natural suntan and the indoor tanning beds popular before that were proven to cause skin cancer, shows how Americans love to have a tan at any time of the year—especially for those who d...

23rd December 2009

Are Pshychological Thriller Movies Gone?

There is nothing more exciting than wrapping your mind around a hard hitting psychological thriller where each scene only seems to get better! Movies like sixth sense and seven seemingly don't come around as much as they used to and when they do, t...

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