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19th August 2011

Art Insurance

Protect those prized paintings with a policy from experts in Art Insurance Ask leading insurance brokers to tailor a bespoke Art Insurance policy that offers comprehensive cover on your collection of fine art. A Fine Art Insurance policy ensures your ...

23rd March 2011

Aleef-History of George Aleef

Being an artist in Russia has not been an easy task for the past century and a half. Since 1920, when Soviet Rule began, the censorship and strict guidelines prohibiting negative portrayals of the government made artists true voices impossible to be heard...

07th December 2010

Where to Buy Peter Max Artwork

Peter Max is easily considered one of the most recognizable American artists. His work is bright and colorful, if not a bit psychedelic. Peter Max paintings are in museums, galleries, offices, and private homes around the world. Some have sold for thousan...

02nd November 2010

Science Fair Projects: How to Do Abstract Expressionist Paintings

Science Fair Project: How to do Abstract Expressionist Paintings. by Mort Barish Word Count: 617 Science fair projects on fine art is a virtually untapped area. Not too long ago, a Jackson Pollock painting sold for $140 million. This abstract...

23rd February 2010

Visiting the Incredible British Museum

Among the countless tourist attractions in contemporary London, such as the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace, the one that can easily be considered the unforgettable "Queen" amongst them all, is the British Museum. Britain's nation...

16th February 2010


Our recent photo contest was just one facet of an overall commitment on the part of Abbey Road to the arts. Abbey Road has always deeply supported arts education and the exposure of teens to art in a fun, low-key way. Abbey Road's foremost commitment to t...

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