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09th May 2011

Things To Do S.F. And Windy Days

Looking for things to do in San Francisco? I just visited San Francisco and here is list of some of the things we did. We started out with Fisherman's Wharf. It is by far one of the more popular attractions in San Francisco. There are many shops with ...

17th February 2010

In need of help: Haiti’s Devastation after the Earthquake

It is presently the most devastating news that struck the world. One of the poorest countries that have struggled to live up with the problems from politics to health to environment has experienced damages and death. Last January 12, 2010, a massive inten...

24th November 2009

Broadway Musical

The symbol of broadway Broadway is the street in NY which has come to symbolize live theater entertainment and musicals across the world. Today the area, known to tourists and theater-goers, stretches from W.41st Street, where the Netherlander Theater i...

01st July 2009

Permission To Go Green

When you hear the term "go green," thoughts of buying a hybrid, reducing your carbon footprint, or even separating your household garbage probably come to mind. Chances are the last thing that comes to mind is having a yard sale or visiting a Reuse M...

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