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24th February 2011

Medieval Sword: An Object to Place On a Wall

Medieval sword is purchased by a number of people worldwide for being a symbol of chivalry, courtesy, gallantry and fearlessness of the medieval soldiers who fought bravely against their dragons and other enemies. Of late, the swords are used to keep in t...

25th January 2011

Photos on Canvas - The best thing about Canvas Prints

More and more people are receiving excited and choosing canvas mounted pictures because it is the most customized treasure of fantastic memories and it also rescues nice pictures in the album. Photo material is a method in which the high quality digit...

19th October 2010

Rave parties are all about having fun

Rave parties are all about having fun and expressing one’s inner self. It is basically an amalgamation of people coming from different backgrounds and enjoying themselves to the beats of hip hop, grooving music, which is played throughout the night. The r...

20th June 2010

Summer Shield

Summer is here, that means the weather gets hot and burning yet again. As a result, everyone gets on fire wanting to be in the water. May it be on the beach, pool or anything and everything that is refreshing to experience! And in this hottest season o...

30th July 2009

The History of Condoms

The origin of the condom is debatable. Historians and archaeologists are still working to determine whether condoms were used in ancient Egypt and Rome. There is some evidence that the ancient Egyptians used a linen sheath at around 1000 BC. In the 15...

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