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31st May 2011

Bulalo - Filipino Beef Soup

Travelling to different parts of the Philippines, youíll see variations of foods and recipes that you havenít seen before. Many provinces have their own proud recipe, their unique trademark when it comes to food. One province that I know is Batangas. Fam...

17th November 2010

What Were Some Original Art Materials

When Earth began spinning, and man suddenly arrived, he could only communicate through stomping, grunting, pulling people with their hair, chucking stones, and growling. Language was not around so he had to find a form of correspondence. Man conceived tha...

04th June 2010

Beauty care by Ayurveda - a natural way

DIET AND LIFE STYLE: In ayurveda, health is characterized as an active state of wellness - a state in which you truly live, not merely exist. The ayurvedic approach to health is sweeping, extending to your daily diet, your routine, and your environment....

17th March 2010

Watch grey's anatomy season 3 episode 17

Part three of a three-part story arc. The interns of Seattle Grace take vigil outside Meredith's hospital room as Bailey and also the Main struggle to revive her. Meanwhile, Meredith is in limbo exactly where she meets up with Denny, Dylan and quite a few...

16th December 2009

Wrinkle Creme and Stem Cells

There are 148 anti-aging genes in our body that control skin function. Major cosmetic companies strive to discover a single compound or cosmetic that can affect just one or two genes and if they discover one, they build an entire line of wrinkles cream, d...

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